what's making me happy this week.

First week back at work (I know, life's hard) but here's what making me happy this week:

Paper Whites

And plants in general. I love this plant just because it blooms in the winter and adds happiness to any room. This is a picture of one of many little flower store shattered around Paris (from my November trip). 



I walk Charlotte every.single.day after work. It's a ritual. Along with my favorite Spotify playlists, I do have about 30-ish podcast that on current rotation. Here are a few:

NPR Fresh Air (especially the Jennifer Lawrence Interview & Mark Ronsan), Call Your Girlfriend, Lady Loving, Serial (obsessed.) Being Boss, and NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour.

Scream Queens

My students recommended this show and I'm obsessed with anything Emma Roberts is starring in (American Horror Story: Coven. Watch it.) The lines on this show are hilarious and Emma (aka Chanel)... the perfect character. Granted, it's quite silly and ridiculous, but we all have our guilty pleasures. 


Downton Abbey

Keeping on the TV subject, Downton Abbey (the final season!) is finally here and I'm all about it. I gone through six seasons with these characters and Lady Mary's fate is on my mind. 

Insta-crush: Jenny Walton

I'm obsessed. She's an illustrator and has exquisite taste. Check her out. 

Happy Sunday Everyone! What' making you happy?! ✨