What I'm Loving This Week

Current delightfulness: 

yearly TimeLines.

I use many different platforms to document ideas, lists, life events, etc, but there is something to be said about pen to paper ✒️📋. I find it such a great way to reflect. I know it's February ( does anyone else think it's crazy how exceptionally fast life is going by... I mean I feel like it was just February 2009), but I thought I'd share my timeline from 2015. It's nice way to keep track of major events of a year on one sheet of paper // 

Insta-Crush : Lionel The Hedgehog.

Lionel is based in Charleston and I want to know where I can get one, because he is incredibly cute //



Zoolander 2.

Judge me if you will, but I loved the first Zoolander. If you're not familiar with the Vouge Youtube Series "73 Questions", here is an introduction featuring Derek Zoolaner. Maybe I'll see it this weekend :) 

✨Happy Wednesday to you all! ✨